Point The Way provided us with a wonderfully efficient and intelligent solution to our tech needs. Even better they made the language of technology seem understandable to a couple of luddites and provided tireless support as we pushed our product into the world.
- Donald Mahoney, Editor Balls Media


When we met with the Balls team they had limited time before they had to make their final investment pitch at NDRC’s LiftOff event. We quickly came to the conclusion that an minimum viable product (MVP) was the best approach given the timeframe.

The elevator pitch went as follows: Balls.net is an up-to-the-second social media-driven sportswire that provides fans with an enhanced experience of the online conversation taking place around every relevant sporting event while equipping sports media organizations with the tools they need to stay ahead of the latest news breaking online.

The resulting web app leverages Twitter to provide a match-like experience for fans with the heavily curated Balls commentary sitting between the opposing teams general Twitter stream. On match day this second-screen approach provides a unique experience for fans as the contest unfolds.

The Balls team went on to win the runner-up spot on NDRC’s LiftOff pitch day and as a result received a commission from the Irish Times to build a fully-fledged product. This all makes us very happy indeed and we’ll keep you posted on future developments.