Point The Way is a dynamic, hardworking, creative, curious, technically-capable software development team who are constantly learning about commerce and how they can make it frictionless. They dig deep to understand the commercial problems their clients are trying to solve and don’t try to blind us with the appliance of science! Their solutions are often simpler, cheaper and quicker than might have been expected! They don’t develop just to develop… what a welcome breath of fresh air! They compliment each others’ abilities and personalities seamlessly. What more can I say.
- Barry Mulligan, CEO Boxangel / Founder Tribal.vc

boxangel-homepageUpon joining the tribal.vc team we helped build Boxangel. Boxangel enables customers to book shipping containers, customs and trucking online. Boxangel provides customers with an instant overview of shipping rates & transport times for all major trade-lanes while also enabling the completion of Booking Requests and Shipping Instructions electronically via Inttra. The platform was built using Grails, JQuery, CSS and HTML.