Their project management skills, innovative solutions, ability to meet tight deadlines and an appetite to set the highest possible standards are characteristic of Point the Way GPS Ltd.
- Jason Frehill, Executive Planner DCC


Dublin City Council approached us to help them build Walk Dublin, an accessible application for citizens that would somehow encapsulate all the data on the new physical sign-posts that they were placing throughout the city.

Our proposal was to keep the branding of the signs and tie that into the app itself. Our mission thus became one of taking those physical sign-posts and placing them in your pocket. From a branding perspective this tied together the physical sign-posts, the maps and the app itself.

The sign-posts perform the function of pointing you in the direction of travel so we had to think a little differently in terms of the Walk Dublin app. We decided to have the app tell users what cultural points of interest were around them at any time as they walked through the city.

Conscious of tourists potentially using expensive data-roaming packages we built a backend that would initially download all the required content onto the user’s phone. This way, discovering what was around you in Dublin city would work offline.

To achieve this we built the Walk Dublin system in the cloud using Ruby on Rails and Amazon Web Services with an accompanying native iPhone app.